The bay of Ciolo, the fjord of Salento

Why is there a Fjord in Salento? To find out, you have to go to Gagliano del Capo, near Santa Maria di Leuca, where you can find the bay of Ciolo (or Ciolo canal). It is a true canyon near the sea formed over the centuries thanks to the action of the sea on the limestone rock. The unusual name of the place, Ciolo, comes from the Salento dialect and means raven, the name of the bird that has always nested on the steep cliffs’ walls.


Every year, Ciolo attracts and enchants thousands of tourists because of its unusual nature: the fjord walls, rich in caves and Mediterranean vegetation, welcome a small beach of cobbles considered a small corner of paradise due to the color of water and water Beauty of the surrounding landscape. The small beach, crowded by tourists in high season, is reachable by going down a long staircase.

To attract visitors is also the suspended bridge that crosses the fjord: the bridge is placed about 40 meters above sea level and offers a sea view of extraordinary beauty and intensity.
In the past it was habit of the most impetuous diving from the Ciolo bridge, however it is highly advised not to do so either because of the prohibitive height or the danger of the rocky backdrop.


For hiking enthusiasts, the Ciolo is a must-see for caves and valleys bordering the creek and the suggestive paths that go from the beach to the inhabited center. You will be enchanted by the scented Mediterranean vegetation and you will appreciate very rare plants such as Leuca fjordaliso and numerous species of wild orchids.porto_ciolo