Pearls of Salento: Grotta della Poesia

One of the most fascinating stretches of the Salento is without a doubt the marina of Melendugno, on the Adriatic coast, which includes the towns of Roca Vecchia, Torre Sant’Andrea and Torre dell’Orso. These places, already famous for the beauty of the sea, have an added value: the high cliffs, shaped by the wind and the sea, hide archaeological finds, caves, tunnels, and incredible beauty coves. An example is the limestone cliffs of Roca Vecchia, for centuries a place of worship of hermit monks.

To attract visitors every year to the world in these places is without a doubt the Grotta della Poesia (Cave of Poetry), known as one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world. The legend tells that a princess loved to bathe in these waters and her incredible beauty attracted poets from all over southern Italy, ready to reach her for composing and decanting verses dedicated to her.

Inside the cave it is possible to admire figures of figures and epitaphs: most of the writings on the cult of Thaotor Audirahas, divinity invoked for healing from illnesses and maladies.

All the area adjacent to the Cave is characterized by the presence of archaeological remains, hypogea, crypts and towers of various ages from the Bronze Age
Submarine archeology is also of great interest: on the seabed it is possible to recognize archaeological remains from the third and second centuries BC, the remains of the Greek and Roman civilizations and traces of Turkish and Saracen civilizations.