The palace

Palazzo Siena is an ancient residence dating back to seventeenth/eighteenth century and is located in Specchia Gallone, a little town in Salento which is placed in the district of Minervino di Lecce very close to the white beaches and pure waters of Alimini, Santa Cesarea TermePorto Badisco, Baia dei Turchi and Torre Sant’Andrea, not far from Otranto and about 40 kilometres from Lecce. In origin it was owned by a baron named Basalù and afterwards it became the residence of the high priest Brunori who used to receive local poor people herein; today it is owned by our family from which the name “Palazzo Siena” takes origin.

The Palace has been subject to a restoration work which preserved the original building: actually it is composed by 2 floors and a wide garden with many fruit trees where an ancient colonnade covered by centenary grapevines and an ancient citrus grove prevail. A part of the garden has been used as vegetable garden, which is constantly and carefully treated with natural methods and offers organic seasonal products which guests may taste during their stay. The swimming pool of 85 square meters is equipped with hydro-massage and is sanitized with sodium chloride.

There are 11 rooms in total and 5 of them are used as residence for our family whereas the other 6 rooms are reserved to our guests who may feel as part of our family, if they like so. “Home & More” perfectly describes the idea of hospitality we have: a new formula of reception thought as space and interests’sharing in a familiar atmosphere where everyone is free to decide how to spend its own time.