Boutique hotels – the new hospitality’s trend


There are people who have transformed our way of living free time: revolutionaries who are interested in, first of all, changing the rules of the game, anticipating fashions and evolving incessantly.

One of these is certainly Ian Schrager: New Yorker, born in 1946, hotel entrepreneur who best managed to combine leisure, entertainment, creativity and style. He invented, in his thirty-year career, concepts such as boutique hotels, appeared for the first time in New York from the 80’s.

Boutique hotel – how can you identify them?


In the hotel sector we find different types of hotels with different names that are specially used to highlight customised services.

But which are the characteristics which distinguish a boutique hotel from other types of hotels?

The boutique hotels are small luxury hotels with an unconventional and welcoming environment, furnished in a personalized and unique way.

Boutique hotel – why should we choose them?


Let’s see together 5 reasons why it is worth choosing a boutique hotel:

  1. The service: always customised, ready to satisfy every need of the guest who must feel “special”.
  2. Gastronomy: since it is necessary to focus on the guest’s experience, especially in Italy, the attention to the local culinary tradition is one of the ingredients which may not be lacking: the unique and elegant setting, quality, genuine cuisine, aperitifs and cocktails to be enjoyed in a fine and uncommon context.
  3. The location: it can be located in urban areas or in the countryside, often far from the chaos and generally hidden from the major tourist crowds.
  4. The design: it is furnished with a strong personality, which often comes from the union between a historical context and a chic and elegant design, made of warm colors, fabrics and soft beds. There are boutique hotels with contemporary furnishings, others more traditional, but all shall have in common the following characteristics: the rooms are different from each other and always richly decorated, the mix of different elements, the use of fine fabrics.
  5. The dimension: it is never excessively large since guests should feel like at home. It is intimate but also furnished of common areas in order to give guests the opportunity to know each other and share their experience.

All over the world, boutique hotels are becoming more and more sought-after. They work hard on their personality and the emotions they want to convey to the guests. In short, the boutique hotels have a great soul.